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iS Clinical Skin ConditionKit - Pure Calm Collection
This collection is specifically designed for Inflamed Skin, Rosacea, and Cystic Acne. Packed with calming botanical ingredients, super antioxidants and powerful hydration, the Pure Calm Collection gently soothes the look of flushed os compromised skin for a healthier, more youthful complexion.
3-months regime contains 4 best-selling iS Clinical products for calming Rosacea, Cystic Acne or inflammation:

Cleansing Complex 180ml,
Pro-Heal Serum Advance+ 15ml,
Hydra-Cool Serum 15ml,
Eclipse SPF 50+ 100g

iS Clinical Cleansing Complex deeply cleanses pores and removes dirt, oils, and makeup without drying the skin.
Its formula includes active antioxidants and bio-nutrients for smoothing and softening the skin. Glycolic and Salicylic Acids used to resurface and boost cell turnover while reducing pores size and minimising breakouts.
This stimulating cleanser gently resurfaces and removes dead skin cells while helping to control acne and breakouts.

iS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum Advance+ is one of the most effective products for multiple skin concerns. It contains a high concentration of powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients that treat acne and rosacea.
Having exceptional healing properties Pro-Heal Advance+ Serum effectively reduces facial redness and inflammation while offering soothing and calming relief.

iS Clinical Hydra-Cool Serum quickly and deeply hydrates while calming and healing skin. It contains a powerful cocktail of Hyaluronic Acid (25%), healing antioxidants Centella Asiatica with vitamin B5 and soothing menthol. The skin instantly rejuvenates and nourishes while receiving intense protection from powerful antioxidants.

iS Clinical Eclipse SPF 50+ is ultra-sheer, broad-spectrum protection that uses only the most effective ingredients. With Titanium dioxide and Zinc Oxide, it provides a safe, physical barrier.

It quickly absorbs into the skin shielding it from the sun's harmful rays. Vitamin E neutralises free radicals and moisturises the skin. Its water-resistant formula leaves skin with a non-greasy matte finish.

Four best-selling iS Clinical products
Ideal for Rosacea, Cystic Acne or Inflamed Skin
Calming botanical ingredients, super antioxidants and powerful hydration
A healthier, more youthful complexion
Money-saving option

Please see individual product listings for ingredients information.

IDEAL FOR: Rosacea, Cystic Acne or Inflamed Skin

SKIN TYPES: Oily skin, Dry skin, Combination skin, Normal skin, Sensitive skin, Mature Skin and Acne-prone Skin. Red, Inflamed Skin, Insect Bites, Rosacea, Acne (including Grade 3 - 4) and Contact Dermatitis

Paraben-Free, Dermatologist Approved, Cruelty-Free, Vegan

Read more about iS Clinical Pure Calm Collection Skin Condition Kit below:

Included in Kit:

  • Cleansing Complex 180ml
  • Pro-Heal Serum Advance + 15ml
  • Hydra Cool Serum 15ml
  • Eclipse SPF 50+ 100g

Minimize the appearance of dark spots with this collection which will gently exfoliate while promoting the optimal look of healthy skin.

Ingredients, key ingredients list and how to use are available on individual product descriptions.

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Customer Reviews

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