Endocare Regenerating Body Lotion 100ml


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ENDOCARE REGENERATING BODY LOTION -  provides instant and long-lasting hydration for dry, sensitive and damaged skin all over the body. 

Powerful hydrating complex featuring Hygroplex and Pentavitin mimic the skins Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF) to erase fine lines and maintain high levels of moisture within the deeper skin layers, creating a more youthful and plump texture.

SCA BioRepair Technology (based on Growth Factor) used in this range utilizes snail-derived growth factor complex to increase the activity of fibroblast. This is a refined complex of biological activators that stimulate the activation of stem cells to generate new skin’s fibroblast cells while stimulating existing fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin.  

The SCA® growth factors technology, along with emollients for deep hydration and nourishment of the skin, relieve painful itching, erase dry flaky patches and soothe irritation, leaving the skin feeling supple and smooth.


Instant and lasting hydration

Supple and smooth skin 

Significant anti-aging benefits 

Stimulates fibroblasts synthesis

Relieve of painful itching

Erase dry flaky patches 

KEY INGREDIENTS: SCA Biorepair Technology, Hydrating Complex

IDEAL FOR: maximum hydration for dry and rough skin 

SKIN TYPE: dry and very dry, damaged and sensitive skin 

For optimal results, massage into clean skin on the body once or twice a day.

SCA Biorepair Technology: Repair Index 3, advanced skin regeneration.
Hydrating Complex: Hygroplex & Pentavitin replicate the skin’s natural moisturising factors (NMF) to provide intensive and sustained moisturisation. Additional emollients smooth and soothe and aid application to larger skin areas.

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Customer Reviews

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