About Us

dermoi! has been created based on the principle that every product, treatment and ingredient needs to be 100% clear, informative and backed up with scientific, proven facts, research and testing. There is no space to pretend with us. We have established a brand where every producer that is clinically proven to work is welcome to join the team.

Skin health is the core of our service and underpins every decision we make and every product and treatment we offer. We believe in a progressive approach to skincare, developing and healing the skin at a cellular level to obtain permanent positive change. On top of that, we are focused on passing knowledge about our treatments, products and ingredients in every piece of content that we create, whether via our social media channels, email marketing or events that we host at our HQ.

Our company consists of two strong channels:

A platform: where customers can book a clinical facial treatment in the comfort of their homes in London (www.dermoi.com), tailored to their skin needs. Our partner aestheticians are all NVQ Level 3 and above, trained to the highest standards and are ready to help our clients to achieve their desired results.

E-Commerce: where we offer a wide range of clinically proven homecare solutions to our clients, plus knowledge about products and ingredients.

Skin health is our priority!
· Only scientific facts, no marketing puff
· All product ingredients and their percentages are available to clients; no hidden information
· We only work with leading cosmeceutical brands 

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