Winter Food Hacks

Staying glowed up isn’t hard to do in the summer when the sun is shining, you’re eating salads and being active. It’s a little harder to maintain your glow in the winter, when we tend to turn towards comfort foods and toasty treats which, which are fine in moderation.

Your skin goes through turmoil when the seasons change, so it’s important to give it extra nourishment to keep it healthy and radiant. Along with regular facial treatments and home care products, you can use your diet to support you skin. Here’s a list of foods to add to your diet to help your skin to be its best self this winter:

Green Tea:  Full of antioxidants that help to maintain skin’s health and wellbeing. Drinking a cup of green tea daily will help you to keep your level of antioxidants up. If you notice your skin starts to look dull, or you just want to make the most of the rest of your pot of green tea, you can even use it as a face wash! Just keep it in the fried and use it as a DIY toner after you’ve cleansed. This will help your skin to soak up all the goodness from the inside as well as out.

Brown Rice: People tend to head towards pasta and rice dishes when the weather gets colder, next time you get a craving for carbs we recommend brown rice, which is an excellent source of B Vitamins. B Vitamins help to keep your cell metabolism optimised - we don’t need sluggish cells running the show, and 1 serving of brown rice every few days will help to keep everything moving!

Avocados: Not just a delicious summer-time food, avocados are really beneficial for your skin in the winter. Along with almonds, pumpkin seeds, spinach and olive oil – which are all important in the winter due to being rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps to fight off signs of aging and helps to maintain the skin’s barrier functions.

Kale: Whether you’re putting it in your smoothies, throwing it in a salad or having it with a Sunday roast as your spring greens – Kale is full of the super vitamins K and C (as are lots of other leafy dark greens if you aren’t on board the kale train). Vitamin K is a super anti-inflammatory and is great for the whole body. If you have reactive skin, try incorporating this super ingredient int your diet all year round as a daily serving will help your body to manage the cause and effect of inflammation on all levels. We all know Vitamin C is a must-have in general, but in the winter it’s especially important for cell immunity – without Vitamin C we’d have none of the collagen or elastin that helps to keep our skin healthy and youthful.

There are plenty more foods that could be added to this list, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t want to mix up your diet for the winter – we have good news for you! At dermoi! we sell a range of skin-specific supplements that have all of these nourishing vitamins and minerals and more in them, so you can go about your day as normal and just take one perfectly formulated capsule a day to give your skin all the extra love and attention it needs during the harsh cold months ahead.

The Advanced Nutrition Skin Complete Duo pack covers you on all bases – with your daily doses of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Beta-Carotene, Green Tea, Lycopene, Lutein and Grape Seed Extract. These supplements help to protect and rejuvenate skin by aiding in cell regeneration, increasing internal protection against environmental attacks, plumping the epidermis by stimulating collagen, improving skin immunity AND giving your skin all of the optimised antioxidants it could dream of. Think they sound like wonder pills? Well, they are!

Advanced Nutrition works tirelessly to create the best supplements specific in aiding and supporting the skin, and they have countless clinical trials to prove their effectiveness. What more could you want?! You can order these supplements, which are essentially a really good homemade soup for your skin, here now.

Osmosis Skincare also carries supplements to help you receive the nutrients your body needs; Pathway 10-Day-Cleanse cleans your entire digestive tract as well as improving your body's absorption of nutrients. Pathway is perfect to take before beginning a course of supplements. 

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