Here at dermoi!, we are committed to ensuring that the brands we carry are fully cruelty-free. We take pride in guaranteeing this to our clients in their treatments and homecare products.

We are happy to ensure that all bar two of our products used in treatments are vegan! iS Clinical use 95-98% botanically-derived ingredients, meaning only one product isn't vegan. The Warming Honey Cleanser contains honey and is therefore not certified vegan. However, the honey is only purchased from passionate Californian beekeepers. Therefore, it is made from natural California blossoms and is cruelty-free! The other product that is not certified vegan is Osmosis' Soothing Gel which is used in various treatments. However, if you're vegan, worry not! These products can very easily be substituted for something else during treatments.

Some of the supplements available on our store are also vegan! Advanced Nutrition Skin Accumax and Osmosis Pathway 10-Day-Cleanse are both suitable for vegans and have incredible effects on the skin and overall body health.

All of the products we stock and use in our treatments are fully cruelty-free. None of the products are tested on non-human animals.


For anyone looking for vegan-friendly products, here is a full list of products from our store that you are able to use:

iS Clinical:
Cleansing Complex
Cream Cleanser
Active Serum
Hydra-Cool Serum
Pro-Heal Serum
Poly-Vitamin Serum
Super Serum
White Lightening Complex
Copper Firming Mist
Hydra-Intensive Cooling Masque
Reparative Moisture Emulsion
Moisturising Complex
Neck Perfect Complex
Youth Eye Complex
Tri-Active Exfoliant
Extreme Protect SPF30

Cleanse: Gentle Cleanser
Deep-Clean: Detox Cleanser
Calm Vitamin A Serum
Catalyst AC-11 Serum
Replenish Serum
Renew Vitamin A Serum
Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum
Enlighten Pigment-Fading Serum
Clear Plus Activating Hydration Mist
Refresh PM Eye Serum
Quench Intense Moisturiser
Protect SPF 30
Polish Enzyme Firming Mask
Hydralift Firming Gel Mask
Pore Minimising Clay
Nourish Organic Facial Oil
Remedy Healing Balm

Osmosis Pathway 10 Day Cleanse
Osmosis Restore Immune Repair Elixir
Advanced Nutrition Skin Accumax


We have something for everyone! If you're having a treatment, just let your aesthetician know you're vegan and the Warming Honey Cleanser / Soothing gel will be substituted. If you need any more advice, send us a DM on Instagram (@dermoifacials) or email!

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