The SPF in your foundation isn't protecting you!

Do you really consider the SPF in your make-up to protect you for the whole day? Think again.

Most foundations nowadays have SPF15 included in the formula – even some powers and primers do. Many people believe this will be enough to protect them from UV radiation, especially in the winter months when we are usually covered with clouds. However, apart from the fact that we need an SPF just as much in the winter as the summer (we’ll come onto that soon), the protection in your make up is likely to only be referring to the blocking UVB rays.

Although blocking UVB rays is extremely important (these are what cause sunburn and contribute significantly towards the development of skin cancers), we also need to protect ourselves from UVA. UVA is a longer wavelength that can pass through glass and penetrates the skin down to the dermis, prematurely aging your skin and damaging collagen. These rays also play a part in the development of skin cancers, meaning it is imperative that our skin is protected from UV radiation.

Even though the SPF in make-up often refers to defense of UVB rays, we could need up to 15x more product on our faces that we are actually using. Therefore, unless you are someone that layers your foundation pretty heavily, it is unlikely that the SPF is having as much of an effect as it should. These products are also much less likely to be rub/water resistant than products that are primarily UV protectors.

Many of us also believe that we only need SPF coverage when we are spending time in direct sunlight. We actually need to be wearing an SPF the majority of the time. UV radiation will affect our skin even in cloud-cover conditions and comes from halogen lights (which are in use in most offices) as well as the blue light in our phones, TV’s and computers. Most of us will be contact with one of these throughout the entire day, meaning we must be protected!

We all know that it is quite unlikely that we will get up in the morning and immediately remember to use sun protection on our face, especially if we are in the depths of winter. However, if you use multi-tasking products that aren’t only SPFs, it is much more likely that it will become part of our daily routine. iS Clinical’s Extreme Protect SPF 30 is a great product in terms of broad-spectrum protection as well as multi-tasking. It is perfect to use as an everyday moistuiser as it penetrates down to the deeper layers of the skin, prepping the layers that haven’t yet reached the surface. As well as this, it includes extremozymes; these are enzymes which actively repair broken DNA, reversing the signs of aging and restoring your skin. Osmosis also carries a slightly lighter SPF: Protect Ultra Sheer SPF30. This is lightly hydrating, natural and uses zinc oxide which has the best broad spectrum coverage.

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