Preparing your skin for the harsh winter!

Our skin changes from season to season and a change in weather can play havoc on our skin. Now winter is well on its way, but there are still things we can do to avoid our skin health taking a hit during this transitional phase.

Now a lot of the time when the weather gets cold, we try to stay warm – often by turning the heating up and drinking more tea and coffee, maybe even more alcohol, but usually less water. Have a think about how much water you consumed this week, it’s probably noticeably less than in the summer when you were trying to stay cool in the heatwave right?  It’s important to remember skin is made up of 64% water and its health is largely dictated by hydration levels – drinking plenty of water is vital all year round.

Water not only plumps the skin, but it encourages collagen production - which ensures the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of skin. It also helps to flush toxins out of the body to help prevent acne and scarring. Without adequate water levels, your skin will appear dull, and fine lines, wrinkles, scars and pores will appear exaggerated as the face essentially shrinks into its tightest position.

So here’s something you can start doing right now: swap that extra cup of coffee your having in the morning or that extra cup of tea at night for a glass of warm water. Drinking 1 cup of warm water before bed and 1 cup in the morning doesn’t just give you 2 of the 8 glasses a day you should be having, it also flushes out toxins, helps with micro circulation, helps the cells in the skin to regenerate and ultimately gives you a natural glow.

Right, now that we’ve helped you to maintain your glow, here’s dermoi!’s top 5 tips to save your skin this winter:

  1. Use an antioxidant serum

Just like you turn to soups full of nourishing ingredients when the weather gets cold, your skin needs some extra love and attention too. If you’re not already using a high-quality vitamin serum, it’s important to do so throughout the winter in order to give your skin access to the full range of vitamins and minerals it needs to be happy and healthy. Osmosis Skincare's Replenish is an antioxidant repair serum that is ideal for keeping your skin at its best through the winter months, providing anti-aging properties and promotes collagen production!

  1. Use a gentle exfoliator regularly

Exfoliate with something softer but more frequently! If you’re a fan of scrubbing your face, it’s important to know that in the winter skin suffers through a range of varying climates - it’s hot inside and cold outside. This tends to make the surface of skin get a bit flaky and dull. Using an enzyme based exfoliant 2 times a week will maintain and motivate the circulation throughout the skin, remove dead and dull skin, and lock in needed hydration.

  1. Switch to a cream cleanser

Avoid using foamy cleansers in the winter - something that foams a lot has a tendency to dry out skin, while something creamy and smooth will help it to hold on to a little more hydration. iS Clinical's Cream Cleanser is perfect for this - it tackles dry skin with Safflower Seed Oil and Coconut Oil and can be used to gently remove eye make-up.

  1. Eat more good fats

Snacking is hard to resist in the cold months - but the good news is, there are some things you can snack on that will help your skin to stay moist and supple from the inside out! Eating good fats like avocado, almonds, and oily fish things that contain omega 3s will add to your skins hydrolipid balance.

  1. Don’t forget your SPF

Just because the sun is gone, it doesn’t mean that UV isn’t out in full force. In fact, UV rays can be more damaging in the winter between white snow and grey clouds than in the summer – if you’re not wearing an SPF your skin is left to fend for itself. Both iS Clinical and Osmosis have their versions of SPF. The iS Clinical Extreme Protect also contains ingredients to repair DNA and can be used as a daily moisturiser, so perfect for the harsh cold! Osmosis' sheer SPF has a light but hydrating formula that can be used for all skin types.


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