Osmosis - all you need to know!

Osmosis is rooted in a more holistic approach than a lot of brands in the current cosmeceutical industry. When we read the word holistic, we don’t often think of results. However, Osmosis are in the process of redefining the concept of holistic by combining it with advanced treatments and cosmeceutical ranges to match.


Osmosis skincare is administered in a way that connect the therapist to the client and the client to their body and lifestyle; now more than ever, we are understanding that our skin can be an external guide book to the type of lifestyle we consume. Don’t be fooled – consumption does not just cover food and drinks, it also includes the way our skin absorbs products, the way we consume sleep, sun, vitamins and minerals. Fundamentally, everything that our body consumes can have either positive effects or adverse reactions.


Our skin is an incredibly intelligent organ, so we need to approach it with a level of understanding that helps us to interpret and intern, treat it in the most productive way possible. There are a range of internal issues that will result in a physical manifestation; learning to look at the skin as an extension of internal balance as a cause of skin imbalance is natural progression.


Osmosis is built around reducing as many elements and causes of inflammation in both the body and skin as possible. Osmosis has created a highly customizable range of professional facial infusions that can be tailored with active and pure powdered ingredients (such as hyaluronic acid and willow herb), that help to hydrate and reduce internal and external inflammation within moments of application.


When the skin is exposed to damage or environmental stressors, it is natural for the skin to become inflamed. This is a process of white blood cells releasing protective chemicals into the blood causing redness, swelling and warmth in the inflamed area. As these cellular chemicals are released, they disrupt the function in that area of the skin, thus, the inflammation has negative effects. Osmosis words right down to a cellular level so that if your skin is subject to a traumatic experience, it has compounds to counteract the inflammation and therefore release the chemicals.


As we have seen, Osmosis aims to reduce inflammation within the body and skin by giving the body what it needs on a cellular level. Using high levels of antioxidants along with advanced delivery technology and restorative peptides, Osmosis works from the surface of the skin through each layer to cause harmonious restorative change. Osmosis also had a range of dietary supplements that work with a similar approach: from the inside out! Through well formulated supplements that use the best and most relevant ingredients for gut and skin health, Osmosis has come up with ranges to treat many aspects of internal imbalance. Once implemented, these will result in positive external developments.


Osmosis has been designed to optimize the skin’s natural processes and create the ideal environment to encourage permanent change and overall radiance.

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