"The better women feel about themselves, the better the world is." - these are the words of our new partner @janeiredale, the skin care makeup brand. ⠀

At dermoi!, we believe in a progressive approach to skincare, nurturing and healing the skin at a cellular level to encourage permanent positive change. Our family is blossoming into a growing network of skincare and professionals, and we are delighted to release in our shop: Jane Iredale, the makeup brand that looks forward to your skin as we do. ⠀

"dermoi! and Jane Iredale, when put together, are a perfect match! The mineral makeup combined with the holistic skincare says so much about the brand that we couldn't think about another makeup brand that would suit more than Iredale for us." - Says Elena Reva, founder and director of dermoi!.⠀

To introduce the brand, Jane Iredale is an award-winning cosmetics brand recognized by beauty industry professionals for the high-quality of the ingredients and high-performing formulas - it is a skincare and mineral makeup company that embraces the holistic approach to beauty developed makeup. ⠀

"When I started the line almost 25 years ago now, I was hesitant to describe it as "natural" because I didn't know how to define that word. What is natural? Is natural always a good thing? It made more sense to me to describe our line as "clean." To me, it meant scrubbed of those ingredients that we thought had the potential for harming our skin or our health. Though ingredients play a significant role in how we define "clean," we also believe it is essential to be mindful of how we impact the environment and our community." Jane Iredale, founder of the Jane Iredale - the skin care makeup. ⠀

The Jane Iredale brand is growing more and more into a comprehensive collection of mineral makeup and skincare products that nourish the complexion inside and out while enhancing its natural beauty. ⠀

Their products are offered in more than 50 countries already, and now by just having a look into our website, you can find out more about how this skincare makeup works and which product would suit for you.

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