iS Clinical Youth Serum - The Fountain of Youth

There is a whole host of products on the market that claim to prevent aging and reduce things like fine lines and wrinkles - but how do you know which are legitimate? Ensure you have the hard facts and know exactly what is in these products before purchasing - you could be wasting your money on a cream or serum that really has no long-term effects. 

The iS Clinical Youth Serum is a paraben free, growth factor serum that provides antioxidant protection, leaving the skin refreshed, tightened and smoothed. Containing intelligent peptides and proteins, these are clinically proven to identify and adhere to damaged skin sites, providing a targeted regeneration in these areas.

We are familiar with the fact that products containing vitamin A are generally used for their anti-aging properties. The Youth Serum is made up of a powerful vitamin antioxidant blend including Vitamin A that is delivered to the skin using liposomal encapsulation. Liposomal delivery allows the ingredients to be absorbed into the deeper levels of the skin with ease, allowing complete and long-term effects to take place in the dermis.⠀
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Youth Serum incorporates iS Clinical's patented Extremozyme technology, proven to protect and repair the damaged and fragile DNA and proteins in the skin, actively reducing the damage and therefore the signs of aging. The addition of Ahnfeltia Concinna Extract triggers the collagen repair process using amino acids, aiding in the improvement of skin firmness and elasticity. This serum is clinically proven to increases collagen synthesis through the use of Copper Tripeptide Growth Factor along with Centella Asiatica (made up of 3 acids). These ingredients aid in wound-healing and the reduction of scar tissue, making them ideal for the reduction of signs of aging.⠀

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