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iS Clinical has made it their mission to bridge the gap between science and beauty by creating of the world’s leading luxury cosmeceutical brands. With a list of celebrity fans, iS Clinical definitely has star power, but this power is nothing in comparison to the science behind the products.

iS Clinical has around 21 published clinical studies and white papers that prove their team of chemists and cosmetic scientists has done everything in their power to bring the best quality ingredients, the most advanced formulations and most impressive delivery systems together. They ensure clients can reveal their best skin the shortest amount of time and without having to use a huge range of products.

As well as this, they strive for results within every product and treatment they have. Working across every skin type and condition, they have the ability to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin as well as the surface, resulting in immediate and long-lasting results.

Using 95-98% botanically derived and 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients, the quality of the products themselves is visible in the results they deliver. By applying advanced scientific processes to bring active ingredients together in a productive and non-aggravating way, iS Clinical have crossed boundaries that have rarely been crossed in the skincare industry. Maintaining the highest levels of quality and batch controls as well as strict, self-imposed testing to ensure everything works perfectly in unison with the skin and the body’s cellular function so that the products are merely there to support the skin as it manages itself to the best of its ability.

iS Clinical has 4 main areas of treatments, starting right from cleansing the face, through to home and professional treatment serums, hydrating the skin in the most productive ways and protecting the skin from further damage. iS Clinical products work on a multilayered approach to stimulating cell turnover; almost all their products have some sort of exfoliating element. As well as this, they have formulated multiple products that harness a DNA repair system called Extremozyme Technology. Extremozymes are enzymes derived from the extremophilic microorganisms that are developed by plants living in extreme conditions. They can withstand hard conditions, helping the organism survive and adapt to harsh climates, as well as helping the organism repair itself after exposure to environmental damage. By incorporating the extremozymes into some of their formulations, iS Clinical has been able to actively reverse some aspects of environmental damage. Therefore, they have determined how to reconnect damaged proteins that might be the causes of fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation skin texture and tone.

iS Clinical have set themselves up to be one of the most impressive brands on the current cosmeceutical market and they are well on their way towards bridging the gap between science and beauty one product and treatment at a time.

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