Is Beauty Sleep a myth?

In short, no.⠀

We are always told how exercise, diet and lifestyle affect our skin and general health. However, it isn't often discussed how much of an effect sleep has on our skin health and condition. ⠀

Our skin is subject to damage throughout the day, and the sleep cycle gives our body a chance to go through rebuilding and repair processes. It allows our bodies, on a cellular level, to focus its efforts around any damage that may have been caused. During our rest period, our cells and systems work overtime to ensure the body is receiving everything it needs to function efficiently the next day. It is also the time that our face and skin gain the most access to active and direct nutrient and blood flow!⠀

Sleep can contribute to a naturally glowing complexion, brighter eyes and reducing the signs of ageing! But how?⠀

A healthy skin regenerates every 28-30 days (faster if you have great skin metabolism) - so the quicker your skin renews itself, the healthier it will look. Something that affects this is the Human Growth Hormone; this stimulates cell reproduction and regeneration. Our body produces this hormone as we sleep, improving our skin overnight (literally)! This is especially important in ageing skin as it provides a youthful and radiant glow. ⠀

If we get enough sleep, our body also benefits from a decrease in our stress hormone (cortisol). Stress can have detrimental effects on our skin, including acne and pigmentation. The lack of stress when we sleep also allows for extra recovery overnight. ⠀

pH balance:⠀
Last week we told you about the importance of your skin's pH level. A lack of sleep can disturb this level and can leave your skin imbalanced. This creates a lack of moisture, drying out the skin and ultimately displaying signs of ageing and dull skin. And we all know a lack of sleep can contribute to dark circles; a lack of sleep can cause your blood vessels to dilate, leading to dark under-eye circles.⠀

Everyone is different, and everyone needs varying amounts of sleep each night to function effectively the following day. However, we recommend getting 7-9 hours per day for your skin to feel the full effect!

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