Free radical damage and all you have to know

You may have heard the term free radical damage, but do you know what they are they are and how they affect your skin? ⠀

A free radical is a molecule that’s missing an electron — and it needs to find a replacement. If there isn’t an antioxidant present to restore balance, a free radical can cause damage to the surrounding cells in its effort to find its missing piece. This process is called oxidation.⠀

As free radicals start to steal healthy cells’ electrons to restore balance, they are damaging these healthy cells which can leads to cell death and consequently skin ageing. ⠀

Our skin is exposed to free radicals every day through alcohol, tobacco, chemicals, and sun radiation and while skin ageing and cell death are natural parts of life, the presence of free radicals can accelerate this process.⠀

So what can we do about it?⠀

Providing free radicals with antioxidants to replace their missing electrons puts a stop to the damaging oxidation chain reaction. ⠀

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