Does Oily Skin Need Moisture?

If you don't know if is it needed to moisturise the oily skin, the answer is yes!⠀

Hydration is indicated for all skin types. It is a huge mistake to think that because the skin produces more oil is a sign that it is hydrated. Quite the opposite, this skin will produce more oil to compensate for the dryness.⠀

For oily skin, the indicated products are the lighter products in the serum or gel version, which are quickly absorbed and give a dry touch to the face. But don't forget to drink plenty of water, it's no use using the best cosmetic if you don't hydrate your body from the inside out.⠀

Another essential tip is: beware of excessive use of astringent products and Sebo regulatory action. By continually removing the oil from your skin, this skin will understand that it needs to produce more oil to compensate for its dryness, and the rebound effect happens!⠀

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