Do skin supplements actually work?

The discussion surrounding skin, hair and nail supplements has been going on for a long time and has kept the world of skincare divided. The answer to this question isn't simply yes or no. Here we will go deeper into the subject and clarify once and for all what science has to say about skin supplements.

Vitamin supplements vs. topical creams

It's proven! Scientific research has actually proven that supplements add vital nutrients to your body which your skin needs to restore itself and stay in good contition. 

Vitamin supplements are better for your skin than topical creams as they feed the skin within the entire body, including the deeper layers. Nutrition plays a very important role in maintaining optimal skin integrity during the healing process when skin cells become damaged.

As supplements nourish the skin constantly and all over, they have a longer lasting impact on our skin health than topical products. A combination of both will give the best results. Creams will address local problems more directly, while supplements continuously support your skin.

Why would supplements be necessary?

Poor skin conditions are often the result of factors like a poor diet, smoking, stress, toxins, alcohol intake and unhealthy sleep patterns.
Even though a healthy diet greatly impacts our skin health, important vitamins are lost through cooking, storing and refining food products.

This is why skin supplements contain a blend of vitamin a, c, e, k, zinc iron and copper key minerals. These are all essential to helping your skin stay healthy and youthful.

Which brand of supplements can I trust?

We chose for supplements from Advanced Nutrition Programme because they are clinically tested and approved. Not only do they use the highest quality ingredients, they also neatly follow HFMA guidelines and developed supplements which target specific skincare needs.

Where do these vitamins and omegas come from?

They fish from sustainable sources and their fish supplier is a member of the global organisation for sustainable fisheries. They set the highest standards for removing environmental toxins from their fish.

This way Advanced Nutrition Programme's capsules are packed with the best nutrients they can find. They always opt for non-GMO, non-irradiated ingredients and where possible also organic ingredients.

Are there any external factors which can influence the effect of supplements?

Stress! Before using any supplements or topical products, take some time for yourself. That's why your skincare moment should always be a me-moment during which you take time to relax.

Absorption of nutrients may be hindered by stress. Also after drinking tea or coffee, it is best to leave an hour gap before taking your supplements. 

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