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What about adding some light to your next Monday off? ⠀

Our Pro Heal Vitamin Infusion with LED is designed to help reduce inflammation of the skin cells, which is perfect for the ones who’s having rosacea. The treatment contains anti-inflammatory agents which stimulate and strengthen the skin’s natural healing process, starting with a double cleanse using the Cleanse and Deep Clean - to gently restore the skin without causing the skin to dry out or stripping it of its natural protective lipid barrier. Through the coconut surfactants, glycerin and citrus essential oils that it has, the removal of all the impurities whilst maintaining the barrier of the skin is guaranteed finalising the first step. The second step is the firming mask exfoliation with Polish and an LED light, containing a cranberry extract, L-lactic acid (6%) and CoQ10 works to remove damaged cells, to cleanse pores and to provide a healthy glow. This mask is used with our dermisonic machine with a blue LED light, which removes any excess oil and impurities, having also the anti-inflammatory factor to kill the acne bacteria on the skin. In the next step, we use the Replenish Antioxidant Repair Serum, made up of Synthe-6 plumping peptide and astaxanthin which increases the moisture levels of the skin, gets rid of any fine lines whilst reducing inflammation to strengthen the skin. Combined with a Vitamin A Facial Infusion, it gives to your skin a high dose of active ingredients which travel deep into the skin through liposomal delivery. In this facial we would use the following active powders:⠀

* Calm blend = significantly reduces redness and irritation with its aloe vera, willow herb and Chinese herb ingredients which are anti-inflammatory and help to soothe the skin;⠀
* 1,3 Beta Glucan Powder = removes bacteria to stimulate immune repair and remodel the skin;⠀
* Willow Herb Powder = an anti-irritant, anti-bacterial, calming and anti-inflammatory agent.⠀

The LED light in this step is the green to calms the skin, the red to help with collagen synthesis and anti-aging and the blue, which is anti-inflammatory, used to kill the bad bacteria on the skin. 

For our two final steps we use the Soothing Gel Mask, which has a lemon peel and green tea extract. This cooling herb blended mask fights free radical damage whilst providing instant nourishment and brightening of the skin, removing toxins in the skin and decrease wrinkles through the lifting massage to activate the product. In the final step of the facial we will firstly apply the Refresh eye cream, full off niacinamide and Don Quai to normalise and balance the circulation around the eyes and synthe-6 to plump and moisturise and help to reduce fine lines. After this, we will apply Quench, which contains 25% hyaluronic acid, organic shea butter, jojoba seed oil. This moisturiser provides nourishment whilst maintaining the skins barrier. And to finish off, we apply Protect, which has an SPF30. This anti-inflammatory sunscreen will keep your skin healthy and protected with zinc-oxide (non-toxic) and sunflower seed oil, high in omega fatty acid and vitamin E. The results of the Osmosis Rosacea Treatment are that it leaves the skin glowing and nourished whilst reducing redness.


Recommendation for home care:

Cleanser: gentle cleanser

Exfoliation: Polish (once a week)

Serum: Catalyst AC 11 serum+ Rescue serum Eye cream: refresh
Moisturizer: quench or remedy healing balm

Spf: Protect

Mask: Tropical mango mask (once or twice a week)


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