Are mineral cosmetics the new staples or just hype?

We look after our skin with high-end clinically proven skincare and want only the best ingredients to nourish and support our skin. Protecting our skin from harmful free radicals and chemicals is undeniably one of the most important parts of our anti-ageing routine.

Then why would we apply make-up loaded with chemicals which disrupt endocrines and clog our pores?

You dont need to make a choice between make-up or skin health!

Mineral make-up is the answer. One of the most popular among mineral make-up brands is Jane Iredale. They choose natural ingredients of the highest quality. Not only do they only choose ingredients which are neutral or beneficial to your skin, but they are also environmentally concious when choosing ingredients for their products.

One of the biggest problems in make-up is the use of endocrine disruptors to preserve the products. Jane Iredale chose an alternative preservative system which doesn't affect the skin.

How does Jane Iredale stand out from other mineral make-up brands?

Jane Iredale eliminated talc from their products to make sure their make-up doesn't clog pores. The make-up is also free of any dyes, parabens and synthetic fragrances. This way they prevent irritation to the skin, but rather nourish and enhance the skin's natural beauty.

Jane Iredale mineral make up is 'clean' in the way their ingredients are sourced and used to form an important part of your skincare routine.
Everything you apply to your skin should be beneficial and offer nourishment.

How do these cosmetics nourish my skin?

Every product contains a healthy quantity of hyaluronic acid, Co-enzyme Q10, vitamin C, vitamin A, Arbutin, Zinc and Titanium dioxide.
These are all antioxidants known for combating irritation. They are gentle for the skin and don't cause breakouts.

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