All you need to know - Osmosis Purifying Vitamin Infusion W LED

Written by one of dermoi!'s very own aestheticians - Emily!


The Osmosis Acne treatment is designed to clear stubborn bacteria, reduce breakouts, repair and heal the wounded skin and bring the skin back to optimum skin health.  The Osmosis Vitamin A Infusion Peel, active powders, serums and lymphatic drainage techniques work to clear underlying congestion. 


The acne treatment of uses a potent yet more skin friendly form of vitamin A; retinaldehyde 2.5% as a peel infusion, added are powder active and blends which are potent powders tailored to your specific skin needs to target, combat and prevent current activity and past acne and it’s associated scarring. It is encouraged into the skin with lymphatic drainage massage techniques and LED light for deeper penetration into the target sites in the skin's cells. The potent mixture continues to work in line with the natural cellular turnover process of the skin; usually, within 28 to 35 days, a noticeable difference can be seen.


We have three layers of skin; the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layer - the products are able to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin through liposomal delivery. This type of delivery system has been developed through smart technology. Through this, the naturally occurring liposomes that we produce in our bodies are able to recognise the cells and immediately accept the encapsulated vitamin to the target area.


In the Osmosis Organic Medical Facial we could use a combination of, but are not limited to the following;

Acne blend – helps clear stubborn bacteria, increases scar tissue remodelling, enhances skin nutrition and cellular repair

Calming blend – significantly reduces redness and irritation with a combination of Chinese herbs and soothing botanicals, boosts skin repair activity and calms inflammation

Skin nutrition blend – provides building blocks to create protein, heals and supports the skin's structural network


1,3 beta glucan powder active - scavenges scar tissue  and debris from the skin removes bacteria to stimulate immune repair and remodel the skin

Willowherb powder active – an anti-irritant, antibacterial, calming and anti-inflammatory agent

Niacinamide powder active - increases food supply to the skin to help effectively stimulate circulation and collagen and elastin with antibacterial benefits

All the above can help with the underlying causes of acne, decrease bacteria levels, remodel scars and smooth the skin as well as combat scarring and further breakout



Recommendation for aftercare

Cleanser – Deep clean

Serums – rescue epidermal repair and clarify vitamin A serum

Mist – clear activating mist

Moisturiser – quench plus

Protect – Protect SPF

Internal – Skin perfection harmonised water for wellness



This treatment is suitable for acne/ blemishes and oily skin. Book yours now at here!

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