Advanced Nutrition - All you need to know!

Over the past 5 years, supplements have become a highly recognized element of skincare. The more research that goes into gut health and the effects of what we consume on our skin, the more we realise that treating the skin takes more than just applying a few creams here and there. 

The way we consume food and drink has a much larger effect on our skin than we realise. Between sugar that turns into carbohydrates (that dehydrate the skin cells of water) and eczema caused by too much gluten, we have never paid more attention to our internal health as a reflection of our external health.

Advanced Nutrition have formulated skin specific supplements with a deep understanding and consideration of the skin. Having done extensive studies on skin and skin health, Advanced Nutrition scientists believe that feeding the skin from within using supplements alongside a good diet, will support and enhance the results of any good quality topical cosmeceutical. This inside approach leads the skin towards true radiance from a cellular level. For Advanced Nutrition, it really is about seeing the beauty from within.

Advanced Nutrition is at the forefront of the supplement industry and has been for over 10 years. With ranges for specific concerns and conditions and supplements for general well being, Advanced Nutrition supplements help to speed up the efficacy of topical treatment as well as treating conditions at the source of the problem.

Supplements help to support and build healthy cellular systems, meaning it is not reserved to the skin alone, but helps on entry level of the body’s systems. With full absorption within 30 minutes, Advanced Nutrition are some of the fastest acting formulations on the market. When cells have all the nutrients they need on a nutrient level, their functionality rises along with the rate of healing and their rate of depletion lowers.  Therefore, by feeding skin cells everything they need, the average life of a cell can be extended. Even if you have a fantastic diet, it is unlikely that you consume enough of the most important vitamins and minerals such as zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, copper, iron and Vitamin C to allow your skin to work against negative environmental effects. The average adult should consume around 2000mg of Vitamin C per day. This translates to 29 large oranges or 250 large apples. Along with many other vitamins and minerals, Vitamin C is very important; it slows the signs of aging by stimulating collagen and elastin production as well as providing antioxidant protection from environmental factors. When you see the statistics, it is clear why people are choosing good quality supplementary products rather than relying on their diet alone.

One of their most popular products, Skin Accumax, shows amazing results when used to treat acne as well as conditions that causes redness and irritation such as rosacea. Their other supplements, such as Skin Complete can aid in the repair of skin with conditions like eczema as well as improving your immune system.  

Advanced Nutrition is helping to show the beauty industry that skincare supplements can work to improve skin conditions and concerns. Advanced Nutrition conduct research, produce formulations, run trials and produce supplements in one space, meaning the level of quality control is extremely high, setting industry standards. Advanced Nutrition also prides itself on being supremely environmentally conscious, vegan friendly and free of synthetic colours or fragrances with biodegradable packaging. Advanced Nutrition are not just on a mission to become a clean label but are eager to deliver results to every client with every concern and condition.


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