Answering all of your acne queries!

Earlier this week we asked you about your acne concerns. Read on to find out the answers to your questions:


Will my skin get worse when I start using a new product? Or is that a sign that I should stop using it?

If you're beginning to use cosmeceutical skincare products in place of drugstore products, your skin is likely to react. Your cells may not be used the ingredients and the delivery systems that are used in advanced products. This, in turn, can cause your skin to react to these circumstances. You may experience a small amount of sensitivity or acne in reaction - this is usually nothing to worry about. If the products are having significant and instant adverse effects on your skin, it may be that you're allergic or intolerant to an ingredient used in the skincare. In this case, stop using it immediately.

If you are using cosmeceuticals made from good quality ingredients, they should have a positive effect on your skin. Once your skin is used to the product (this should only take a week or so if you're using it every day), you should be able to see great results.

I've had cancer treatment, and my skin is dry/sensitive. Do you have something suitable for me?

Cancer treatments can often do this to your skin so its imperative that we give your skin lots of hydration and nutrients to repair it. The treatments can also make your skin reactive to skincare and extremely sensitive to many ingredients. Both Osmosis and iS Clinical have products that are safe for use on oncology patients. If you would like to book a treatment with dermoi!, leave a note in the 'Information for the therapist' section so that your therapist is aware and book the tailored-to-you treatment so it can be personalised to you. Osmosis has a whole range of Oncology-safe products that have incredible effects on your skin without harming. They intend to rehydrate your skin cells post cancer treatments.

The Osmosis Oncology safe product range on the dermoi! Store includes:

Cleanse: Gentle Cleanser
Refresh PM: Eye Serum
Quench: Intense Moisturiser
Protect: Ultra-Sheer SPF30
Nourish: Organic Facial Oil
Remedy: Healing Balm

We would also strongly recommend iS Clinical's Polyvitamin Serum - this will provide amazing hydration and helps repair compromised skin.

Our aestheticians also have further oncology-safe products to use in treatments.

How do I get rid of acne scarring?

We carry a range of products that are great for fading acne scars. We have often seen amazing results in acne scarring and pigmentation after a course of our clinical treatments!

For acne scarring, our aestheticians recommend:
iS Clinical Super Serum Advance - this serum helps in reducing scar tissue as well as fine stretch marks using many good quality ingredients such as l-ascorbic acid, Centella Asiatica and kojic acid.
Osmosis Rescue - Epidermal Repair Serum - this serum activates epidermal wound repair using trioxolane.

In terms of treatments, it can take a course of treatments to considerably fade scarring and pigmentation. However, we have seen some incredible results in our clients with these issues.

Our aestheticians recommend either the iS Clinical or Osmosis acne treatments or pigmentation treatments. However, it is best to book the tailored-to-you treatment so that you can discuss your concerns with your aesthetician and get a personalised treatment.

I think my make-up might be giving me acne. What can I do about this?

Similar to the first point, if you change the make-up, you are using, and your skin isn't used to it, it may react with small amounts of acne or sensitivity. Again, you may have to persevere for a week or so to see whether this stops happening.

Another common mistake when it comes to make-up and acne is not washing your make-up brushes. Bacteria, excess oil, dead skin cells and other toxins can build up on your make-up brushes very quickly; these toxins are then spread across your face when you are doing your make-up. Every time you do your make-up with a dirty brush, you are clogging your pores with all sorts of horrible things that are causing acne and blemishes.

I am on Roaccutane for my acne. What products can I use while I'm on it?

We often deal with clients who are taking Roaccutane or have recently stopped taking it. As I'm sure you know, Roaccutane can cause the skin to become very sensitive and extremely dry as a side effect of treating acne issues. This can mean that many ingredients cause the skin to react negatively. We recommend those on Roaccutane use the same products as oncology patients, as the skin reacts similarly due to the treatments and medication. These products will rehydrate your skin while being gentle enough to avoid reactions.

I'm getting acne even though I'm using lots of great skincare products. Why is this happening?

A whole range of things can cause acne. Hormones are one of the most common causes of acne - it develops in response to hormonal changes in the body (which is why it is common in teens and young adults). In terms of treating this, it could be a case of seeing a GP. However, Advanced Nutrition's Skin Accumax has had incredible effects for clients with severe acne. It transforms the behaviour of problematic skin and nourishes all layers of the skin to clear and clarify your complexion.

It can also be caused by lifestyle, so even if you've got a great skincare regime going, you may still get some acne. Some diets can affect your skin; foods that are carbohydrate-rich, high in sugar or dairy products may worsen acne. As well as this, stress can be a cause of acne. If you are going through a particularly stressful time, you may find yourself with blemishes appearing. This is very normal; ensure you are carrying on with your regime and take steps to improve your diet or stress levels if you believe this to be the cause of your acne.

For those who are suffering with acne, it can be tough to know what to do. For a one-to-one consultation, send us a dm on Instagram (@dermoifacials) or email us at We have treatments available for those living in London - both iS Clinical and Osmosis have incredible treatments and products to help problematic skin.

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